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Carversville Farm Round Up: August 31


There has been a flurry of activity on the farm this week.

By Steve Tomlinson, Farm Manager

Our tomato harvest is starting to wind down, which gives us time to focus on harvesting our winter squash out of the field. We are preparing our vegetable fields for cover crops while staying on top of weeding our carrots.  Hay is being made to feed our cattle this winter and we are establishing permanent pasture and cover crops for our grazing fields.  We have had a one week window of dry weather which finally allows us to get into the field and get some work done!  Farming is all about timing and adapting to the variables in weather.  The CFF crew has come together to get done all the work needed at the farm.  The burst of activity has been enjoyable because we are all working toward the same goal; caring for the soil, producing nutritious food and feeding those in need.


We’ve Been Busy Getting over the Summer Slump!

By Sam Loscalzo, Livestock Assistant

Just like  many office workers who go through a summer slump — dreaming about vacation time during those hot summer days at a desk — our cool season forages do the same. As the weather begins to warm up in June, the cool season plants start slowing down their productivity. But the animals don’t take a vacation and our pasture-raised livestock still need plenty to eat.

To get over the summer slump, we switch to warm season annuals. These plants enjoy the hot, dry weather and longer days. This month, the cattle finally switched to their warm season annual, a hybrid called sorghum x sudangrass.

The cattle have been happy to follow the CFF livestock crew into their warm season paddocks. You can see them going to town on the sorghum x sudangrass in the short video below. We call them over with a “Coboss!”, which means a call to the cows.


turkey time!

This year we have several Heritage types and the larger Broad Breasted turkeys available for purchase! Broad Breasted Turkeys ($6/lb), are a large breed and what you would see typically in the supermarket; lots of white meat like many of us know and love. They will weigh in between 16 and 21 pounds. The Heritage birds ($10/lb) are a little smaller, have more dark meat and will dress between 7 and 13 pounds. A $40 deposit is required to hold your turkey. To reserve a turkey, please contact Stephanie at


CFF Donations

Eggs315 dozen
Bacon28 pounds
Beef Bones4 pounds
Beets14 pounds
Celery Root43 pounds
Cherry Tomatoes43 pounds
Cucumbers48 pounds
Garlic13 pounds
Ground Beef21 pounds
Ham35 pounds
Ham Hocks8 pounds
Heirloom Tomatoes169 pounds
Hot Peppers14 pounds
Kale4 pounds
Loin Chop31 pounds
Melon72 pounds
Onions40 pounds
Parsley6 pounds
Peppers72 pounds
Potatoes143 pounds
Red Tomatoes453 pounds
Sage1 pound
Sausage61 pounds
Shallots25 pounds
Shishito Peppers8 pounds
Spare Ribs22 pounds
Spearmint1 pound
Stewing Hens15 pounds
Swiss Chard6 pounds
Turkeys220 pounds
Winter Squash285 pounds
Grand Total1,905 pounds


WhEre’s the beef (and pork)? at max hansen’s carversville grocery store!

Carversville Farm now has a freezer of organic grass fed beef and pasture raised pork for sale at Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery Store.  Come stop by the store, grab some bacon or a steak and of course don’t forget our eggs! All of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to helping feed people in your own backyard.


CFF Volunteering

Warmer weather allows for more time to be out in our beautiful fields. Come join us every Wednesday and Saturday!

When: Every Wednesday and Saturday morning in season
Time: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Where: 6127 Mechanicsville Road, Mechanicsville, PA 18934

Please wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear. Be prepared to get a little dirty! We provide tools, gloves, and beverages. Please Note: Minors 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.



The CFF farm stand is set up outside of Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Saturday until Thanksgiving to sell our nutrient-dense Organic produce, swag, and more! Come see us, say hi and feel good knowing that your purchase will both Feed Your Neighbor AND Feed Your Soul!

When: Every Saturday until Thanksgiving
Time: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Where: Outside Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery




cff t-shirts are AVAILABLE!

In this heat, CFF T-shirts are a must! Sizes range from Small to X-Large. T-shirts are $17.50 and we accept cash, check, or credit card. Merchandise can be purchased directly from the farm by contacting Stephanie at

Remember, 100% of the proceeds go to feed the needy in our own backyards.

By partnering with several Bucks County food pantries, Broad Street Ministry, Coalition Against Hunger, Cathedral Kitchen and Face to Face, people throughout the Philadelphia area are benefiting from our nutritious harvest.

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