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Feed. Teach. Nurture.

Carversville Flower
Carversville Flower
Carversville Flower

Welcome to Carversville Farm Foundation

Carversville Farm Foundation is a non-profit that grows fresh food specifically for donation to local communities in need. We run a certified organic farm where we raise top-quality vegetables, poultry, beef and eggs, and we donate 100% percent of our harvests to Philadelphia-area soup kitchens and food pantries. In 2022, we gave more than 10,000 pounds of grassfed beef; over 36,000 pounds of pasture-raised chicken and turkey; nearly half a million eggs; and over 130,000 pounds of fresh produce. We also sustain the environment through our rigorous organic farming practices and train future farmers through our apprentice program.


We grow vegetables, hay, mushrooms, steers, chickens, turkeys and hens.

Our Farm Goals

Carversville Animal

Our livestock spend their days outside on pasture, often mixed together, ensuring that they always have access to green grass, fresh air and sunshine. We move them daily to evenly distribute their manure on the land to fertilize the soil and plants and reduce the risk of contaminating our streams.

Carversville Plants

We provide our soil, animals and vegetables with balanced minerals in the soil that allow them to thrive and self-regulate. We maximize the diversity of plant species and integrate organic and regenerative practices, such as productive riparian buffers, woodlands and perennial pastures.

Carversville Water

Through our carefully planned management of the soil, plants, and animals on our farm, we can have a positive impact on the water cycle by reducing runoff and flooding while improving water quality and increasing groundwater recharge.

Carversville Soil

Using compost, plants, and grazing animals, we grow deep, living soil that acts like a sponge to soak up rain and grow more plants for people and animals to eat. By increasing our organic matter by just 1%, we can infiltrate over 25,000 additional gallons of water per acre!

Meet Our Team

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Jacqueline Behrends
Livestock Farmer
Carversville Plus Icon
Ben Crooke
Crop Farmer
Carversville Plus Icon
Stephanie DeLucia
Farm Administrator
Carversville Plus Icon
Amy D’Orazio
Co-Executive Director
Carversville Plus Icon
Tony D’Orazio
Co-Executive Director
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Bruce Dorsey
Seasonal Farm Worker
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Craig Haney
Livestock Manager and Educator
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Chloe Hettinger
Vegetable Production Farmer
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Gabrielle Langholtz
Director of Communications
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Andrew Machado
Vegetable Production Farmer
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Zachary Muller
Farm Facilities Manager
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Spencer Parker-Klimpel
Livestock Farmer
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Owen Robinson
Livestock Farmer
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Steven Tomlinson
Farm Manager

Feeding the Hungry by the numbers

Carversvile Egg Food Donation

Cartons of Eggs Donated Since 2015

Carversvile Vegetable Food Donation

of Vegetables Donated Since 2015

Carversvile Turkey Food Donation

of Meat Donated
Since 2015

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Farm Events Carversville And IconAnd Volunteer Opportunities

2023 Volunteer Season
When: See you in June! Wednesdays and Saturdays - 9am-11am
Where: CFF- 6127 Mechanicsville Road Mechanicsville PA 18934
Learn More
Carversville Careers

Interested in Making a Difference?

You can help. We welcome volunteers on the farm every Wednesday and Saturday from June to November. We also welcome donations to help fund our non-profit, to help cover essential costs for seed, feed, tools, equipment, delivery expenses and more. 

Seasonal Vegetable Production Farmer
CFF is looking for a Seasonal Vegetable Production Farmer Learn More

Vegetable Production Farmer
CFF is looking for a Vegetable Production Farmer Learn More

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